Almost Thai

Almost Thai

Reasons why I might be turning into a Thai person:

1. Someone extended their hand at me the other day and I got really weird-ed out thinking “what is he doing? Does he want what’s in my hand? I’m not evening holding anything.” …A handshake. He wanted to shake my hand. I forgot that people do that. On the flip side, my wai is impeccable.

2. It got down to a chilly 75 degrees F the other day and I put on pants and a long sleeve shirt to go outside.
(But if we were having a competition the people with the fleece jackets in the 85 degree heat would win hands down.)

3. People are starting to understand what I say in Thai the first time I say it. Sometimes.

4. I am always hungry. And craving rice. Even though I eat it everyday. twice a day.

5.  I don’t know how to act when I am around more than two people that speak English. Everyone’s talking quickly in full sentences and understanding everyone else. Going back to America is going to be a bit overwhelming.

6.  Someone asked me a question about distance the other day and I thought in kilometers. Weird.

7.  Foods that used to be staples in my diet make my tummy hurt. Like peanut butter. and carrots. It’s unfortunate.

8. I was told I have black skin because I’m so much tanner than when I first came here. That adjective has  NEVER been used to describe my skin color before.

9.  I’m getting better at not caring about things. Everything turns out just fine if you don’t care if it turns out at all.  Mai pen rai.

I’d say I adjusted well. Well-ish.

The count down is on. Three more weeks of school. 39 days until the parents arrive. In the mean time, I’m back on that emotionally unstable train with so many things about to end and just as many new things and unknowns to look forward to. But how exciting is it that?



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