Casey and Diana’s Adventure in Thailand

teach English in Thailand

Our two adventurous English teachers in Thailand, Casey and Diana, have arrived home after the completion of their teach abroad program. We’ve had a great time living vicariously through their blog posts and videos. Now that they are back home, Diana wrote a post on reverse culture shock, along with adding two incredible videos.  Here’s just a teaser and you can check out the full post at the link below.

“To anyone who has reached out to me telling me they want to do what I did, do it. Do your research, take the time off, prepare yourself, and go. When you’re away, enjoy it. Immerse yourself. Don’t do it for the pictures or the likes, just be present. Miss home, but don’t quit. Learn a lot, but don’t become a know-it-all. Appreciate where you are and try your best to understand it, even if you disagree with certain aspects of it. There are so many great and not so great things about Thailand, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart and in my life. I know for a fact I’ll go back one day, and it’s cool to have serious love and respect for a place you never thought you’d go. I have no other words to add than those of our friend Jay who encourages his adventure-hungry readers and viewers in the most simple yet honest way…I hope you go.”

Read more and check out Diana and Casey’s videos from their teach in Thailand program…



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