First Few Days in Bangkok

First Few Days in Bangkok

There’s so much going on it’s so difficult to try and express every activity I’m doing. This place is definitely a culture shock, but in the most AMAZING way! I got in late Wednesday evening (on the 24th). Even after two days here, I’m still so confused by the time and can’t seem to get my sleeping schedule right. I was up at 4AM yesterday and here I am writing my blog at 12:15AM. A bunch of the group (approximately 17 and counting) is already here so we have acquainted ourselves well with one another and decided to explore this massive city together. We walked to the river (I need to look up the name of it), and when I say walked, I must try and accurately describe this scene. It was probably a mile (or 1.6 Km) long walk from point A to point B. The city is overcrowded with Thai people, selling their various items on the street from fried chicken balls to small trinkets of all sorts. When we arrived to the river, we agreed as a whole to take a boat ride around the river where we were able to see temples, buildings, a Ferris wheel, and the places people call home. I will always try to remember what that was like where on one side of the river there was a beautiful, clean and pristine temple and adjacent to that was a home (presumably) that was falling apart. We were ultimately dropped off at the Wat Arun temple, truly a magnificent sight. We shopped, took silly pictures, climbed the temple, and took more pictures. We proceeded to get back in another boat to go literally just across the river to make our way over to the infamous, reclining Buddha to explore some more (and take more amazing pictures). On a brief stop to get some pineapple, at one of the street stands, is where I met the lovely snake in the picture below. The gentleman (assumingly the owner of the snake) first asked me if I wanted to pet the snake…I obliged. Then he wrapped the snake around my neck…I obliged. He told my new friends to take pictures with the snake wrapped around me…they obliged. This brave man put the snakes mouth into his mouth…the pictures started snapping more rapidly now. He gently took the snake from me and told me that experience was going to cost me 360 BHT (about $11 USD)…I felt cheated…but I obliged.

Lastly we made the long walk to the Grand Palace. At the last minute, we decided against going into the Grand Palace and hold off until another day because some were not adequately dressed and we were all exhausted. We rounded up some taxis and tuk tuks to take us back to the hotel. Bartered for a while to get a good rate for both and finally started to make our way back “home”. People will say it is hot and humid in Bangkok and to wear insect repellant. They are right about all of the above. By the time we got back, my clothes were drenched in sweat and my legs were (are) COVERED in

bug bites (mildly unnerving to say the least). Drained by the day’s festivities, Lauren, Sara and I decided a nap was in order. That nap lead to 5 hours of sleep and missing the opportunity to go out with the group for a night out in Bangkok. Oh well…there is always tomorrow!

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