Happy Father’s Day from Thailand!

Happy Father’s Day from Thailand!

December 5th is the kings birthday in Thailand which is a national holiday and called Father’s Day. They celebrate the king and honor the monks by giving them food and water. (Also it means no school for a day)

But Wednesday at school we had a ceremony and celebration in honor of the king. It was about three hours of me having no idea what was going on or what I should be doing with my hands. Lucky for me I was sitting next to a teacher that was kind enough to nudge me whenever my hands weren’t doing the right things. There was singing, dancing, monks, and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. What more does a celebration need?

Look at them! Aren’t they great? …Since you don’t know them I will just tell you. Yes. They are great.
A couple of vice directors
And then all of a sudden all the teachers were lining up in front of the shrine sooo I followed.
Everyone’s wearing yellow because the king was born on a Monday and yellow is the color of Monday, so it’s his birth color.
And then this happened…I’m not exactly sure why but everyone was going crazy for the duration of this particular dance. And if I could figure out how to upload videos I could show you. But for now this picture will have to do.

Side note: It’s still rainy. It seems that everything I own is always wet. I think I just might start putting my dirty laundry outside in the rain. Bad idea? probably. Resourceful? absolutely.

Another side note: New Years Eve has been booked.  A bunch of us are going to the island of Phuket.

I’ll be spending five glorious days looking at this. There will quite possibly be elephants involved.
I. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

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