How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot? Pt. 2

How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot? Pt. 2

In round 2 of our blog series, we asked our teachers to send us just ONE photo that best sums up their time teaching English there, along with ONE sentence. Most of them expressed just how hard it is to sum up their experience with just one photo and sentence, but here are their attempts! Stay tuned for part 3 of the series… To see part 1 of this blog series, click here.


“Thailand has been nicknamed the “Land Of Smiles” and for good reason. The joy the children have in their hearts is beyond anything I could have imagined.” – Julia Maben

V-Day (34)

“A life lesson reaffirmed, which is that a different life is not bad, just different and important on its own.” – Aiesha High


“Expectations for what teaching and traveling are like in Thailand must be thrown out. Only one thing is for certain: it’s a wild flight. ” – Jason Schwartz


“One of the many friends I made in Thailand. ” – Lindsay Bruns


“I heart Thailand!” – Jennifer Yonan


“I finally felt adjusted to my new life in Thailand and had my first “I can’t believe I’m here” moment.  It was an incredible realization.” – Casey Condon


“It’s amazing what strong friendships can be built with fellow teachers despite a language barrier.” – Kevin Reed


“The picture itself isn’t anything extraordinary, but day drinking at that table, with a view of Ao Nang beach over New Years break, is where we had a conversation about how amazing we felt and how lucky we were to have met each other half-way around the world and formed such instant and strong bonds in a country we were all learning to love. I friggin’ love these girls and this is one of my favorite pictures of all of us. ” – Kara Menini

Mick Backman

“Wai Kru Day! A day all about appreciating the teachers. US! ” – Mike Backman


“Sharing my coconut with a monkey in Songkhla.” – Molly Cover





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