How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot? Pt. 3

How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot? Pt. 3

In round 3 of our blog series, we asked our teachers to send us just ONE photo that best sums up their time teaching English there, along with ONE sentence. 

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“Blessing the students on graduation day.” – Chase Thomas


“The students I had the privilege to teach have forever changed my life.” – Cory Gartenberg


“Releasing my lantern in Sukhothai during the Loy Kathrong festival…sending my wishes and hopes for the coming year towards the stars! ” – Mindy Somers

Jeremy Still

“Moving to Thailand is the best decision I ever made.” – Jeremy Still


“Eager students await your teaching!” – Rick Ashmun


“These three girls were always happy to eat lunch with me, talk with me, and play word games with me in the classroom during breaks even though I only taught them once a week, and although I was only at school for a month, I loved them and I really miss them a lot. ” – Chloe Hagerman


“300+ students rushing you for a handshake at the same time plus a handful of roses. The last day of class can be a bit overwhelming in a good way ;)” – James Smith

DSCN1851 - Version 2

“The culture is so fascinatingly unique from everywhere I’ve ever known, and permeates all aspects of Thai life” – Erika Wilmes


“Wat Po was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been and a truly spiritual experience. ” – Nick Candia


“While the tourist bits are great and I love traveling the country, moments like these: singing fun English songs in front of 2500 people, those are the moments that have defined my experience here. ” – Christen Lubbers


“This peaceful Buddha perfectly reflects the serene beauty of Ayuthaya” – Alisha Verly


“I will never forget the generosity and kindness of the friends I have made” – Amanda Lea


“I like to undertake new adventures, conquer new experiences, and stop out of my comfort zone. ” – Tom Cruz


“This photo was taken during Songkran (the best holiday ever) weekend at the Cicada Market in Hua Hin. ” – Kelsey Yohe



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