It’s Time to Move My Life Again

It’s Time to Move My Life Again

I am sitting here staring at bare walls and bags piled.  All of my belongings tightly packed away, ready for the next destination.  In less than eight hours I will be moving into my new home!  I am beyond ecstatic for yet another new chapter in my life.  This upcoming month has nothing but promise with new doors opening.  A new home and a new job are on the way!  Bring it on April!

This past week has been busy, yet relaxing, hectic yet smooth sailing.  I came back home from vacation exhausted, but I knew I had a lot to check off on my To Do list.  With my lease ending at the end of the month, I knew I had to kick it into high gear to look for a new place to call home.  (I did mention I am the queen of procrastination, right?)  In Thailand, house hunting is a little different than back home.  There are a few websites you can use to begin your search, but only a few available apartments are actually listed on these.  I realized my best bet would be to complete my search on foot.  I knew what area of Bangkok I wanted to live in that would still be relatively close to school, so that’s where my search began.  I dedicated a whole day, going into every condo I walked passed.  I saw over a dozen places, and while I liked some, nothing really shouted, “THIS IS IT!”  About to give up on my house hunt for the day, I figured I would try one last place.  The lady showed me the room, and while it was nice, it definitely didn’t have the storage I needed.  She told me she knew of a place I might like if I wanted to go with her to see another building.  Telling myself, “Why not just one more for today?” I figured I would give it a shot.  Lucky for me, this place ended up being exactly what I wanted!  I have hot water, a stove, and even a washing machine!  Not to mention, I am on the 24th floor of my building, so I have a pretty awesome view of Bangkok as well.

The rest of my week has been dedicated to seeing how long I could possibly procrastinate packing all of my stuff up, which I finally completed today.  Here I am though, all ready to move, anxiously awaiting morning when I can just get into my beautiful new home!  I am so ready to just unpack all of my stuff and start decorating my new place to make it my own.  I already have lists going of what I need and what DIY projects I can get started on.  I still have three weeks left of my summer vacation before I start teaching.  While I am beyond excited to be back in the classroom, I am eager to get started on some home projects.  I have already started my research on what plants I can grow on my balcony, and I have began looking up recipes since I will finally have my own stove!  You don’t realize how much you miss cooking until you are stripped of the tools to do so.

In just eight hours, I close the doors to my first home in Bangkok where I made many memories with friends who became family.  I leave a part of the city that I have truly grown to love, and I say goodbye to all the people who made my life here so much brighter.  I am going to miss the children who would run to greet me every time I walk passed them during their soccer games, the man who offered me whiskey out of his glass and the food on his plate every time I saw him, the motorbike taxi drivers who would drive me to 7/11 in the mornings on my way to school just so I could get my coffee, and the security guard who would talk to me while I would do my laundry.  Most importantly, I am going to miss the guys who completely opened their arms and welcomed me since the moment I moved here.  They have become my family and have been there for me every step of the way.  While I am sad to leave this all behind, I am so excited for this new chapter of my life.  I cannot wait to explore a new part of town and create new memories.

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.  The paths are not to be found, but made.  And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.”  – John Schaar


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