How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot?

How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot?

That’s exactly what we asked our teachers in Thailand to do. In this blog series, we asked our teachers to send us just ONE photo that best sums up their time teaching English there, along with ONE sentence. Most of them expressed just how hard it is to sum up their experience with just one photo and sentence, but here are their attempts! Stay tuned for the next blog of the series, coming next week!

Elephant Camp Chiang Mai

“My exhilarating 6-month adventure in Thailand was topped off by a day spent with incredible and loving elephants!” – Stephanie Cardarelli


“My kind,warm, and full of life kindergarten class!  Teaching in Thailand has been one of the BEST and the most influential journeys I have ever encountered!” – Aankita Patel


“”Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” – Isabelle Eberhardt” – Jennie Fitzgerald


“Stepping out of my comfort zone!” – Christina Delgman

Stephanie Warren

“My students in Thailand make my heart so happy!” – Stephanie Warren


“Thailand’s a complex place full of contradictions, gorgeous in some ways and brutal in others; it’s unable to be summed up in a sentence (or a bumper sticker phrase) by anyone who’s been there long enough and paid any attention.” – Brian Leli


“Words cannot explain the beauty that is hidden in every corner of Thailand ” – Marielle Ramsay


“Thailand is wild and unpredictable, and much like this baby elephant, you’ll never know how it will “touch” you next; however, it will certainly leave you shocked, awed, challenged, inspired and ever so grateful for your experience here.” – Paula HuYoung


“I like this pic because we took it on the last day of classes at my first school in Khlong Phon, Krabi, with a group of grade 6 students who were graduating and heading off to University. So it kind of sums up my first 6 months here.” – Jake Stains

hua hin beach

“A simple day at the beach, can be another reminder of the beautiful spirituality of Buddhism as a large statue watches you swim.” – Liz Martinez


“My most challenging moments as well as some of my best memories were made with this group of M2 boys.” – Katie Reed

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