My First Week in Hua Hin

My First Week in Hua Hin


This past week has been a whirlwind. I finally moved into my flat in Hua Hin and started training for my TESOL certification. My flat is pretty basic, but it has hot water, A/C, and Wi-Fi, so what more could a girl really ask for? My roommate is great, her name is Karen, she’s from Denver; we bonded over a mutual love for Grouplove. For the TESOL training I am doing it through XploreAsia, they are beyond amazing, not only is the course really interesting, but they are also helping me find a job and accommodation. This week we focused on creating lesson plans that involved speaking and grammar. I’m completely new to the whole teaching thing, but our instructor Jaco is some sort of genius who makes everything fun. He created a safe environment for people to get weird and stop being self-conscious, allowing them to try different ways to teach. On Monday we leave for northern Thailand to work at an English camp for the week, which I’m really excited about. This weekend has been beyond fun, the program organized a jam packed day of sightseeing around Hua Hin, we started off at the Khao Tao temple, then we went to a pineapple farm where we wandered around and then picked up some tasty treats for the elephants as Hutsadin, and we finished our day off at the Artists Village. Overall this week has been amazing, I even found a coffee shop I love and I found my new favorite Thai dish, Tom Yung Goong, which is a sour and spicy seafood soup (say that 5x times fast). I still can’t believe I have been in Thailand for two weeks. It really is a beautiful place, the people could not be friendlier and despite knowing very little Thai everyone is very patient and helpful. This really is “The Land of Smiles.”
Below I posted some pictures as well as a video from this week! Enjoy xx









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