Our TESOL course is coming to an end

Our TESOL course is coming to an end
Our 3 day weekend has come and gone. It has been almost a month now since I arrived in Thailand which means the TESOL course is almost over. Nearly everyone out of our group has been offered a placement throughout various parts of the country. We’ve all grown immensely fond of one another and often refer to ourselves as a big family…I guess that’s what happens when you put people with similar interests into a not-so-tightly confined area. We’ve tried to capitalize on our last few days together by spending as much time together doing fun, festive activities. We’ve ventured off to more bars (not solely the two Xplore Asia suggested), piled up into a songtaew as a big group and made the hour long journey to Khao Sam Roi, and we’ve had several “last suppers” together.

Khao Sam Roi is a spectacular national park with a beautiful beach (where I had my “I’m living in THAILAND!” moment), a cave that represents just how beautiful God’s work really is, and some pretty sharp rocks…I’ve never seen such a bloody hike.  As I type this, that empty feeling creeps into my heart and the sadness brews as I think about being away from everyone. It’s hard to think this may be the last time I spend time with everyone in the same city. We talk about having “Friendsgiving” and possibly meeting up in the Islands at some point, but that will be quite the feat to gather 27 people up and meet in one specific location.

The reality is setting in and I’m realizing that challenges might come a little more freely now that we won’t be surrounded by a plethora of English-speaking westerners. I welcome these challenges and although it’s disheartening being separated from everyone, I know this next chapter is going to be extraordinary. The girls and I found out recently that we will placed at the same Thai government high school together in a city called Rangsit. From the looks of it, it’s an urban city about an hour north of Bangkok. We still aren’t certain when school starts or when we will leave Hua Hin and we could potentially leave as early as Wednesday (two days from now). The planner in me is freaking out a bit and I’m incredibly anxious to get “settled” somewhere more permanent, but I believe I’m starting the grasp the meaning of “Thai Time”.  “Thai Time” loosely means that Thais do things on their own time…typically taking longer than initially stated. Hopefully that will mean I am forced to learn to be a little more patient…Lord knows patience is not my best virtue.

We find out more information tomorrow and eventually we’ll make the trek to our next location…and I’m greatly looking forward to it!

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