So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

My Christmas was of the nontraditional variety this year (as you probably could have guessed)

On the afternoon of the 23rd I was asked to put together a Christmas show. Let me emphasis. That’s about a day and a half to figure out what to do, find students that are willing to participate, and prepare them. I think they enjoy watching me struggle. But I’ve realized that these last minute requests are not going to stop anytime soon so my new attitude: If it’s not important enough to tell me in advance, it’s not important enough for me to worry about. So I decided before hand that this was not going to be a top notch kind of show. It was going to be a thrown together, last minute montage of Christmas spirit. And I’ll tell you what…my students sure stepped up (after I slightly forced them) and really helped me out. I’m pretty sure speaking English in front of large groups of people is their least favorite thing to do.  But we pulled it together and gave the school the kind of show that probably made them regret asking me to do it in the first place. You know, the kind where no one knows what they are doing and forgets what they are supposed to say. But I was dressed as Mrs. Claus so how bad could it have been? really…Let’s take a look.

My rock star 4/1 class. On deck. So merry.
We sang Bing Crosby’s Jingle Bells…which they though was hilarious.
Making fool of myself because the students lost where they were, not that anyone could hear them anyway…. they were practically whispering because they were being shy. That’s Sai next to me. She’s a doll. She also got me a pink teddy bear for Christmas. And a note that said I was an angel. (I promise I don’t have favorites…maybe. Stay turned for a story)
And a little Santa Claus is coming to town dance, choreographed by the gem front and center.
Would you look at that… Santa made an appearance…with sunglasses and a Filipino accent.
Spreading some Christmas spirit via throwing candy and the children
A few words from the big guy

So it turned into me laughing a lot and making stories up as I go (because I can do that because no one knows what I’m saying anyway) and students looking at me like I’m from another planet (which they pretty much do anyway so that’s not much different). But I think my new goal is to see how ridiculous I can act before they stop asking me to so things in front of the whole school. They probably won’t stop though….so here’s to making my students think I’m crazy…Mai pen rai.

Another story worth sharing:
I was teaching about Santa’s naughty and nice lists and asked my students “If people on the nice list get presents what do the people on the naughty list get?” Without hesitation Sai says “beer”….aaaand I had take a minute to compose myself before explaining that, that system would be majorly flawed.

I am feeling so loved with all of the packages and letters I’ve been getting from family and friends. I can’t thank you guys enough. I was still able to over load on Christmas cookies (the most important part of Christmas). I shared a few with my Thai friends…who devoured them as well.

Side story: There is a group of guys that live/hang out next door. They are extremely generous and invite me to eat with them whenever they are. Everyone in Thailand has really long names so they all have nick names as well to make things easier. These gents have given me a Thai nick name. ( the fact that my name is short is irrelevant) My new name is Sha-ba which means flower in Thai….”you can call me flower if you want to”

Back track: this was my Christmas Eve.  I showed them pictures of snow from home and we ate cookies. Close enough to traditional right?

Hope everyone had a great holiday! One more day of work for me and I’m off to paradise. Have a happy new year! Talk to you next year 🙂


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