Soak the Sun, salty skin.

Soak the Sun, salty skin.

I’m fighting the logical decision to take a shower and clean off my salty hair and sunburnt skin…and the even more rational decision of going to bed. But I swear the Thailand sea is filled with uppers (party peeps quit peeing in the ocean), because I just can’t shake off this high.

I’ve known all week that the fresher air of somewhere else but Bangkok was going to be mine this weekend. But the decision of going back to Hua Hin, wasn’t made until 9 AM Saturday. Transportation (to and from) – $11.61/ 360 thb and 4.5 hours. Hotel room (one night) – $14.51/ 450 thb. Travel buddies – 0. This time I was taking on Hua Hin on my first solo adventure about Thailand, and this time with a more healthy and employed pocket of change. Going out and about on a mini-vacation by yourself can be such a treat. You can leave whenever with no one worrying about getting in late, go to bed early with no need to party hardy, be awkwardly quiet for sustained periods of time with your nose in a book/journal/ukulele, and simply prance around to the beat of your own music-making self.

To keep this post short and sweet, just like this beautiful life- I’m going to list off the beauty that was my heavenly….

HUA HIN solo adveNUTURE:

1. Being told by 7-8 different Thais that my Thai skills are really good, one was like how are you almost fluent in 5 months? But I think I’ve just got the small talk down. And I think Thais are not used to farangs (Western foreigners) even being able to say “Hello!” in Thai.

2. New duck friends/lap buddies while waiting for the van. Then three new kissing, snorting pug friends upon arrival. One, who was as loving as could be, was a tender 17 years old!

3. Little beaches to myself and the old white man who didn’t care that nudie swimming is super illegal and in Thailand.

4. Sunset yoga on the beach with sand in every nook and cranny.

5. Hanging out on the pier with the fisherman and begging dogs at last light. Played some Jason Mraz for them and I think they enjoyed the tunes.

6. ALL THE GOODIES- Mango sticky rice, Rotee, and roasted yellow corn for dinner on Saturday. SO MUCH ARROY MAK MAK!

7. 30-minute turned 1-hour foot massages at the bustling night market.

8. The cutest little hotel room with the most comfortable bed made for sweet dreams. Complete with a quiet early night and morning (an impossible thing for Maha Chai) and the view of coconuts from the palm tree outside my window.

9. Lunch at Bud’s food stand near my TESOL school back in October. This woman is gold, I couldn’t believe it but she remembered my order. SAY WHAT?! You bet it tasted better than ever.

10. Non-stop sleepy surf town vibes with smiley old ladies and gents hanging out in the narrowest of sois.

11. Stunning lady boys, who need to be hired to teach me makeup, telling me I’m gorgeous. SUAY MAK MAK, no you!

12. Mile long walks on the beach with the happiest of bare feet and bronzing skin.

13. Paddle boarding in the ocean for the first time! While I’m only trained in lake SUP yoga, this was the best decision that could have been a bad decision. Now although the current and crashing waves sent me on so many nose dives and flailing leg falls, I couldn’t have been happier. With ‘Stir it up’ by Bob Marley stuck in my head, how could I not spend this majestic time in the water full of smiles and laughter.

14. Schools of silver fish surrounding my board. All coming up to breathe in the freshness and say hello.

15. Ocean drifting meditation and yoga …probably the best thing in this world. Especially when you’re on your own you-sized transient island.

16. Battle scars of board chaffed knees and elbows. And sore thighs feeling the aftermath of my curious desire to step outside my paddle-boarding comfort zone and try in non-stop attempts to surf the waves. I will. I will get it. Yes, I can. Yes!

17. Reggae bouncing off the sides of the afternoons tent and a devoured “American Short Stories’ book in hand.

18. New friends complete with jam seshes and little dance parties in the tent! Teh was a sun-kissed Thai musician who gave out the most helpful free ukulele lessons and quite a few amazing music suggestions. Milo was a bright-eyed Slovakian vegan and fellow reader friend. Sharing stories of healthy eats, corrupt systems, spiritual revolutions, and body chemistry made the afternoon pass by in the most pleasant fashion.

18. Strawberry pink skin let me know it was time to go as the ocean of noise let me know, “You work too hard, rest your bones and stay a little longer.” Oh how I wish I could. I’m such a California girl at heart. As my beach baby and water loving spirit is always most on fire with no make up, awkward bikini tanlines, sandy skin, and messy, salty soaked hair.

19. Popping into the Western-style Villa Market for the things of my dreams, quite literally. I have been dreaming about avocados and having multiple domestic and organic varieties to choose from. How much my taste buds and tummy are going to freak when those green outsides turn black!

20. A van ride home at the timing of the setting rose hued sun. With a heart so inspired, I wrote in my journal until there was no light left and then made notes upon notes in my phones memory.

To bring an end to this wonderful weekend and finally shower off the physical reminders of beach town bliss, I’ll end with one of the poems written on the drive back home. Namaste and goodnight my friends. May you witness life unfold with love breathing from your fingertips and find yourself effortlessly singing out with gratitude for goodness spilling over. ♥


With a goal so prized, we cure.

Seeping truth breeds in the eyes

Of hearts struggling, being pure.

Together in extreme ease,

Mirroring the singing breeze.

Nature of fallen boundaries,

Is ours, is This, is us.

An essence of flowering Trust.

Truth doers be wary of eyes closed,

So beautiful. Hide and go seek,

These players always trip you amid sleep.

Not you, just Me, just mine.

They know not of an open mind.

But those weeping lies

Will do all they can,

To fulfill a set demise.

So fill it up and sink it in, to realize

What it really is.

A yin to your yang, don’t be afraid

As instability may like to play.

But a changing mess,

Is still inside countless unity,

Unknowingly striving to impress.

So dwindle down your star-filled

Slide and fall forever now.

To some day be again, the divine

Dancer in the sky.

Together now, is Truth enough.

In doubt? Kiss the moon’s silver

Canyons and gold again we’ll shine.

No eyes shall see it, rather let

Them feel It.

Revolution we become.

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