My Thai Movie

thai video from teaching abroad
There’s this crazy phenomenon here in Thailand called “Thai Time”. It’s essentially the notion that nothing will ever happen when you think it will. Schedules and meeting times are flimsy little things that have limited significance on this side of the world. Class is from 8:20-9:10, you say? They’ll show up at 8:40. The van will pick me up at 7? Don’t bother coming downstairs until 7:30. The gym is open until 9 pm? It’s been dark and locked all day. You never quite know what to expect, so you learn not to expect. That being said, my iMovie debut must have been on Thai Time as it took approximately EIGHT HOURS to upload to YouTube. Thank you very much, Thai internet.So I’m nearly a full two months in here in Thailand, and you’ve read all about it and seen plenty of photos. I decided to give iMovie a shot and compile all the video clips I’ve collected over the past 8 weeks. Hope you enjoy it!

If you’re particularly bored at work today and have a few more minutes- I had the absolute honor of being an ambassador for Greenheart Travel. Check out this video made by the very talented Liam Kelly. It’s a fantastic portrayal of my first month here in Thailand and something I am so grateful to be able to watch again and again now and down the road!

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