The First Two Weeks…

The First Two Weeks…
So its been two weeks total that I have been living in Thailand (even though it feels way longer). I have been staying at the Baan San Pleum in Hua Hin, Thailand. Thailand in general is an amazing place and I can’t even begin to describe all the experiences I have had so far.  It is so different from what I am used to back home, but I love how different it is. I am currently writing this from our rooftop looking out at the amazing view of the ocean and city while the sun is beating down on me. Its 90 degrees here but feels like 100. I’m not very good at this whole blog thing but am going to try and highlight my trip thus far with lots of photos.
 Khao Tao Temple- Hua Hin. We visited here the second day in Hua Hin. The temple sits right on the ocean and has an amazing view. After exploring around the temple we were able to go into a small room where we sat on the floor and were blessed by one of the monks who live at the temple which was an awesome experience.
A very large Buddha statue at the top of the Khao Tao temple.
Pineapple farm! We visited a pineapple farm where we had the most delicious pineapple ever! The fruit here in Thailand is amazing and they have fruit carts all over the streets. I would be perfectly okay if I had to live off fruit for my entire time here.
Bringing the pineapples to the elephants!
ELEPHANTS! Here I went to an elephant sanctuary where we were able to meet three elephants and a baby elephant named Songkran. All the elephants have been rescued from being abused. One in particular was an elephant who was used and beaten in World War II. We fed the elephants bananas and pineapples we brought from the pineapple farm.
Elephant selfie!
THE MARKETS! There are awesome markets all over Hua Hin with awesome food, clothes, purses, souvenir stuff, etc. Oh and they are super cheap just like almost everything else in Thailand.
Some of the awesome food at the night market
The food in general is so good and so cheap! Here is the classic pad thai. I usually get lunch and dinner for anywhere between 30 and 100 baht. That’s less than 3 dollars in American money. Oh and I haven’t gotten sick off any of the food yet so that’s definitely a plus! (Knock on wood). However I have had a couple incidents with some extremely spicy food where my mouth burns for a solid 20 minutes after.
 Banana fruit smoothie!
Some more pad thai. This meal had shrimp with it and the shrimp came with its head still on and the eyes looking straight at me… (I didn’t eat the shrimp)
Iced coffee in a bag, in a bag, in a bag… best thing ever!
 Mango sticky rice…my guilty pleasure
Tuk Tuk! One of the modes of transportation in Thailand. Basically a taxi.
Songtow… A public form of transportation and what we usually take around if we don’t just walk. They pack people in and people hang off the back. Only 10 baht too!
Don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to seeing this and you see it everywhere. Motorbikes are a very popular way to get around Thailand and they pack people on there. You see mothers holding new born babies on these things. It’s crazy!

Nights out with some awesome people! One of the best parts about being in Thailand is all the people I have met so far from all over the world. Everyone I have met is so cool and unique in their own way and they all have their stories as to why they have come to Thailand. The night seen in Hua Hin is a strip of bars in one area that we just bounce around. When Friday night comes were all ready to go out and relieve the stress from the long week of school work.

Its hard to believe that I only have two weeks left in Hua Hin and that all the people I have met so far are going to be scattered through out Thailand. I’ll have plenty of people and places thought to visit! I can’t wait to find out where I get a job and where I’ll be moving to! I’m hoping to know by the end of this upcoming week!
Well that’s pretty much all for now. This past weekend was Songkran which is the Thai New Year. It was the most incredible experience of my life and one of the funnest weekends ever! Words cant even describe the craziness of Songkran. I’ve never been around so many happy people. The energy was amazing! Photos and videos will be coming very soon so stay tuned!!!

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