The Good. The Bad. And The Bloody.

The Good. The Bad. And The Bloody.

So this last weekend had a lot of highs and lows.

Let’s start with the positives. I have been traveling around and spending my weekends with other teachers that came to Thailand through the same program as me. We all live within about an hour and a half of each other here in Thailand. It’s been very refreshing to spend sometime with people that speak English. During the week I don’t get much of that, if any.

Anyway we all went to an island of the coast last weekend called Kho Phangan. It is a very touristy place that hosts the famous “Fullmoon Parties” here. It was a beautiful place and it was actually the first beach I have seen since being in Thailand. Exciting stuff.

Bungalows we stayed in for a night

On Saturday we were ready to explore the island. We rented motorbikes which is one of the main modes of transportation. They are everywhere. We decided snorkeling was going to be our adventure of the day. But we didn’t quite make it that far. On our way there was a little bit of an accident.

Long story short…
I fell off.
I cut my knee.
Had to get stitches.
Five to be exact.
Thai hospitals don’t seem to be the most sterile. but…
They cleaned me up
They gave me antibiotics and painkillers.
I’m going to be fine.

Having a doctor attempting to communicate in another language that I need stitches while a nurse is scrubbing my open wound is not an experience I plan on reliving.  It put a little bit of a damper on the weekend but I tried to make the most out of it. We ended up going to a part of the island that night that is only accessible by boat and staying until sunrise. It was an exhausting night but worth it.

These pictures don’t do it justice. It was phenomenal.

And here is proof that I am actually teaching here as well….

One of my students drew me on the board.

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