There’s a Lot to Catch Up On…

There’s a Lot to Catch Up On…

I might be the worst person at this whole blog thing. Good news is I’ve been keeping little notes of everything worth mentioning. Bad news is I’ve been too lazy to post, which I knooooooow I’ll be kicking myself in the ass for later….SO…..

Teaser: This past week has been one of the most rewarding AND definitely one of the most challenging/scariest/whatever you wanna call it – experiences of my life. Moving to a little town on my own, teaching English in a foreign country with no prior experience OR curriculum from the school. Yeah, they basically told me “walk into this classroom and ready, set, go!” Oh, and I teach kindergarteners! I quickly realized that teaching English abroad is not as awesome as it sounds when you’re lollygagging around in the States. Will I adjust? Yes. Has it been absolutely insane? Yes. Will I be one of those people that can’t take it and goes home? No.

To be continued (whenever that is…I have no idea)

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