Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self
Holy moly. That was one great vacation.
I pretty much forgot I was in Thailand while I was there. Everyone spoke English and there were more tourists than Thai people (which meant I wasn’t being stared at everywhere I went).  It was a nice change of pace from my day to day here in Nakhon.  There was a whole lot of beach bumming and pina colada drinking.
New years eve was one of the greatest days ever.
During the day we took a day trip to Koh Phi Phi which is a small, absolutely beautiful island near Phuket. We took a boat tour to a few different bays around Phi Phi and stopped at one to go snorkeling. Had lunch and walked around the shops before heading back.
After getting back from Phi Phi, we checked into a new hostel, prepared ourselves for the festivities. And headed out. Our motto for most of the weekend was “treat yo self” …(Look it up if you’re confused: Parks and Rec) we had just gotten paid over the weekend and we were on the one vacation we are going to get during our time here. Soooo there was quite a bit of shameless spending. Anyway, we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with some of the greatest food I’ve ever eaten (or maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve had any food that cost more than five dollars) but it was delicious. And we had a lot of it. Two of us polished of three meals and a bread basket with a bit of wine to wash it down. Why not? Treat yo self. After dinner we met up with our friends. There were a bunch of people that came from all over Thailand that we knew from orientation. It was great to see them all. And we headed to the beach. There was a huge beach party with two DJs and lanterns and dancing and SILLY STRING EVERYWHERE. I was especially excited to see that the Thai have similar celebration tactics.

My friends took a lot more pictures than I did…Hopefully I can get a hold of those and send them your way 🙂

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