Sunburns, Sunsets and Bungy Jumping

Sunburns, Sunsets and Bungy Jumping

My school was closed last week because most of the students were going on school trips. But turns out the school would most likely have been closed anyway. The government is having elections in one week which means the protesting is getting pretty intense around these parts. Most government schools closed last week due to protesters showing up and whisking away students to join in the festivities.

So with a few unexpected turns of events and a bit a spontaneity I ended up in Phuket again. After looking at a map, pointing to a random town and hopping in a taxi we spent a few days filled with sunburns, ocean sunsets, rooftop parties, and BUNGY JUMPING…

Check that off the bucket list
In other news…A few friends and myself went to the orphanage in town. We had heard that we could go there to teach on Sunday mornings so we thought we’d check it out. When we arrived we realized there was much less structure than we assumed. Like, none. It was pretty much a free for all with children jumping and clinging onto us and not letting go for three hours. At one point I thought I was going to drown in a pile of three year olds. They were the cutest little things.
The number of toy guns was slightly disturbing and even more so how well they knew how to use them
But look at those faces!

As fun as it was I don’t know if I’ll be going back. The kids were instantly attached. Some of them wanted to be held every second that we were there and a few got pretty upset when we would try to play with other children. We had to sneak out while they were distracted by lunch or else I don’t think we would have made it out of there with out tears coming from both side of the fence.

I say I won’t go back but it’s so hard to resist that little nugget of joy

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