Let It SnowI was warned that it would snow a lot before I came…

Let It SnowI was warned that it would snow a lot before I came…

Me and Madeline hanging out in the snow

The walk home

Snow on cars

Snow on palm trees

Getting the snow off the driveway

My front yard

Fabio making a snow angel

Yeah I’m hips deep in snow

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Kevin after shoveling snow to make a hill for Carola to slide down

Let It Snow

I was warned that it would snow a lot before I came to Northern Italy, so I brought many warm clothes with me. I actually had to buy some warm clothes before I left. I didn’t really have many warm clothes before since I’ve never really needed them. It’s always warm in Southern California. Anyways, I’ve gotten used to the cold, and as much as I miss the California sunshine and being warm all the time, the snow is a nice change. I was really excited when first saw it snow at my host family’s house in Borgo San Dalmazzo. 

It was amazing to see how much it had snowed. Everything was covered in white, and to me, going outside in the snow was like walking in a winter wonderland. I still get really excited when I see snow, but for everyone else, snow seems to be an annoying inconvenience. For example, it’s hard for people to dig out their cars in the snow, and it snowed so much in my area, we had 2 snow days. Snow makes going out hard, so people just stay in. 

The first time I got to play with snow in Italy, it was a sunny day, a few days after it first started snowing. After I built a snowman, I was very content. 🙂 As much as I enjoyed it, I think my host cousin Fabio enjoyed himself the more than I did. He was jumping in the snow and crawling in snow tunnels. He’s a very cute kid, and he helped my build a snow man. When I stood up in the snow, it went up to my hips. My host brother Kevin was shoveling snow so he could build his baby sister Carola a hill to slide down with a sled. It was a very nice gesture and it took a lot of work to build since there was so much snow. 

Overall, I’m enjoying the weather here because it’s different, and I like different. I think everyone should have the experience of living somewhere other than their home. It opens your mind to new things and different ways of living. 

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