Meet Heather – Your Guide to the Online TEFL Course!

Meet Heather – Your Guide to the Online TEFL Course!

By Heather Holding, Greenheart Travel Intern

My name is Heather and I am currently a senior at DePaul University majoring in International Studies and minoring in French and Communication.

I am writing this blog to help readers get a glimpse of my experience taking an online TEFL course. Almost all teach abroad programs are now requiring applicants to take a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA course in order to teach abroad. I have only taken one online class in college and I really enjoyed the freedom it allowed me to have. There are many different ways to teach abroad but the most effective way to get your adventure started is by attaining your TEFL certification. TEFL certificates are accredited around the world and will instantly make you more marketable.

Ok so more about me and my background and why I am blogging about taking a TEFL course. I am currently interning at Greenheart Travel working with Sara and Lauren in the Teach Abroad department. I am mainly working on the South Korea and Thailand teach abroad programs. I decided to take the TEFL course because it was a great time for me to do so. I only have 6 classes left to graduate (on the quarter system that is nothing). I believe that taking the TEFL class will open me up to more opportunities in the International Education market as well as educate me about what it is like to teach English as a second language. I may one day decide to teach abroad and being TEFL certified will come in handy!

I am taking my TEFL class December 17- March 8 through Greenheart Travel.

I am super excited about taking this course and sharing my experiences in this blog series.



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