Scholarship Winner Reflects on Life-Changing Experiences

Scholarship Winner Reflects on Life-Changing Experiences

by Luzmaria Guzman , Greenheart Travel Costa Rica Scholarship alumna

I once heard an interesting quip about 2012, which was different from the usual morose outlooks: Twenty twelve, according to Mayan calendars and varying beliefs, is supposed to bring an end of days; however, it was not meant to be of the physical world, but of global mindset. It is the end of old perspectives, and lifestyles—things that are rooted within the human person.

As January closes and my second semester of freshman year college draws near, my internship at Greenheart has begun a year that I am hopeful about for many reasons. I have begun to give back to the people, communities, and organizations that have helped me out so much in the past, and I am on track for a major that I love.

Greenheart is the beginning of these organizations. In 2010, I was a part of the first group of scholars to go to Costa Rica under the Environmental Service Learning Scholarship. The trip to Costa Rica was unforgettable because of the volunteer work with Proyecto Asis and the wonderful host family I was allowed to stay with. It is an experience I wish everyone could have.

This past month I had the opportunity to work with Greenheart Travel as an intern under Sara Dorsey and Jason Nusser. My time was spent helping them with the Environmental Service Learning Scholarship, and begin the process of sending new scholars this year to Costa Rica. I reiterate: I want everyone to have this experience!

For me, January was well-spent. I got the chance to help out something that influenced me in choosing a major in college. But, I also had a wonderful time working alongside the people in Greenheart. I am grateful for the time spent with them. In my future, I now know that I want to be in a work environment and organization with qualities like what I found here in Greenheart Travel.  Travel is a word that I often heard, and experiences and stories about where one has gone were often shared.

So, what has Greenheart helped me choose as a prospective major? Environmental Studies, with a possible focus on Environmental Design. Over this month, I have become more serious about civil engineering in terms of environmental studies. The questions I am most concerned about deal with making environmental conservation at the forefront of growing populations, especially towards dealing with lower socioeconomic classes. If it’s in 2012 or an upcoming year, I know I change in global mindset is coming—most likely about the environment.

I am very hopeful about this year because of what I’ve seen happening in Greenheart Travel, and the changes that have begun in my own life.

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