Volunteer Abroad at our NEW Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

Volunteer Abroad at our NEW Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

Greenheart Travel is so excited to announce a new volunteer program for 2015 in… drum roll please…


This soon to be launched program in Sri Lanka works directly with elephants in the heart of Sri Lanka’s jungle to resolve human-elephant conflicts.

As part of our mission, Greenheart Travel is committed to connecting people and planet to create a more peaceful and sustainable global community. And we love offering new volunteer projects that accomplish both! For 2015, we hope to focus our volunteers’ efforts on environmental sustainability and impacting communities around the world.

Our volunteers will be able to get up close and personal to the animals, while tracking and monitoring their behaviors. We are committed to developing a sustainable strategy for wildlife conservation, which utilizes field research, applied conservation and sustainable economic development.

Established in Sri Lanka with the sole purpose of conserving the dwindling biodiversity of the area, our volunteers will work alongside the scientists and conservationists to save Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity while helping local communities to flourish. Our volunteers will have the chance to:

  • Participate in daily ecological research on elephants
  • Observe and assess human-elephant interactions and conflicts
  • Conduct local biodiversity surveys, including bird identification, butterfly observation, recording animal behavior, leopard and/or elephant tracking, etc
  • Monitor and evaluate innovative landscape management systems designed to buffer communities economically from elephant raids and to minimize such raids.

Most of all, we hope that volunteering  in Sri Lanka will empower our volunteers to fulfill their own personal mission – be it living and breathing a different culture, making a positive impact on the environment, or acquiring invaluable skills that will help you reach future goals.

Get on our mailing list and email marzbaecher@greenhearttravel.org to be the first to know when the program launches!  

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