Photo Friday: Volunteering with Stray Dogs in Thailand


Greenheart Travel’s Thailand dog rescue project allows our volunteers the opportunity to make a grassroots impact in a small community. Plus, it might have the highest cuteness factor of all the volunteer programs, considering it works with stray dogs and puppies! It’s hard for our volunteers not to fall in love with these lovable creatures, and peoples’ hearts swoon when they meet these dogs in person.

Today, we are featuring a myriad of photos shared with us by our staff and volunteers in Thailand. You ready to meet these cuties in person?

Check out our photos below and get inspired to apply today!

befriending-dogs-in-huahin volunteer-in-thailand volunteer-with-dogs-in-thailand puppies-in-thailand volunteer-with-dogs-in-thailand dogs-in-thailand-feeding-timevolunteers-on-feeding-run-in-thailand puppy-looking-at-camera volunteers-with-many-puppies puppy-in-thailand Program-blog-button

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