Volunteer with Stray Dogs at our NEWEST Project in Thailand

volunteer with stray dogs

We are so excited to launch a new volunteer program in the incredibly popular destination of Thailand! Located in Hua Hin, this grass roots program offers volunteers the opportunity to work with Thailand’s growing stray dog population.

For anyone who has visited Thailand before, you will undoubtedly remember the sheer number of stray dogs and the poor quality of life they are forced to endure.

The estimates of stray dogs in Thailand range from 250,000-500,000, and this number grows every year. There is a 70% puppy mortality rate, 90% of the street dogs have ticks or fleas and 50% are infected with other types of diseases. These dogs have a terrible quality of life. But Greenheart Travel’s new program helps volunteers be a part of the solution.

Started in 2013, this volunteer program works at an animal sanctuary in Hua Hin, which is situated on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. The dog shelter’s short-term objective is to stabilize the stray dog population by providing necessary vaccinations and veterinary care. They also hope affect long-term change on the stray dog population through sterilization, adoptions, and public education about animal care.

The staff at the project works in several core focus areas to achieve these goals, such as treating the wounded, vaccinating and sterilizing, and feeding; however, the demand for these services is ever growing, limiting the capabilities in the field. That’s why they need your help!


Volunteers will helps in many ways and will learn a lot about veterinary care along the way!

You will perform tasks such as:

  • Befriending & socializing local dog packs
  • Doing daily feeding runs to feed & monitor the health strays
  • Assisting in veterinarian procedures like vaccinations
  • Cleaning the clinic and shelter
  • Working with local community to educate about the proper care of dogs

This program makes genuine progress in a small Thai community, and you will get to truly experience Thai life during your free time. Living amongst locals and working at a Buddhist temple will help empower our volunteers to fulfill their personal goals – be it living in a different culture, making a positive impact on a grassroots level, or acquiring the professional skills to reach future career ambitions. Does this sound like your kind of adventure? Check out the volunteer program page for more details about costs, start dates and the application process.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us for more information or email Megan at marzbaecher@greenhearttravel.org


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