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  • Overview

    Embark on a transformative journey with Teach Adventure Thailand! As an English camp teacher, you’ll not only impact the lives of Thai students but also experience the rich tapestry of Thailand’s culture in as little as 4 weeks.

    Program at a Glance:

    • Join Teach Adventure Thailand and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
    • Explore the diverse landscapes of Thailand, from bustling city streets to serene beaches and lush jungles
    • Gain invaluable leadership and teaching experience as an English camp teacher
    • Develop cross-cultural communication skills through immersive experiences
    • Forge lifelong friendships with camp teachers from around the globe
    • Turn your passion for travel and education into a rewarding career path

    *Applicants are responsible for checking with their university internship office or adviser about receiving credit for this internship.

    Have questions for a program manager? Email us at travelapplications@greenheart.org


  • Eligibility

    You must meet the following requirements to apply:

    • Participants must be in good physical and mental health
    • Participants must be at least between the ages of 18 – 60
    • Participants must have sufficient funds to cover the duration of the program
    • High proficiency in both spoken and written English (Does NOT need to be a native English speaker)

    Adventure Highlights

    • Opportunities to travel within Thailand
    • Opportunities to work with students of various ages and proficiencies
    • Working with a team of committed, like-minded people
    • Training in creating and executing English camps for ESL learns


    Participants must be in good physical and mental health. We ask candidates to disclose any history of
    mental health issues so we can provide the support needed and to ensure the candidate is able to cope
    with the rigors of travelling and working abroad.


  • Costs & Inclusions

    Program Fees:

    • 4 Weeks – $1650
    • 8 Weeks – $2420

    What’s Included:

    • Insurance for the duration of the program
    • Pre-departure assistance
    • 60hr online camp counsellor preparatory program
    • Airport pickup in Bangkok and transfer to Bangkok hotel (provide that you land within 4 days of start of the cultural orientation)
    • Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin
    • Accommodation in Bangkok for one night, and accommodation throughout the remainder of the program. (Shared accommodations)
    • Welcome beach party with all of your classmates following completion of cultural orientation
    • Swag
    • Some meals during camps
    • A stipend of 3,000 baht for every four weeks of the program
    • Cultural orientation and excursions

    What’s not included in the program fee?


    • Visa
    • Some meals
    • Entertainment
    • Transport on days when not participating in camps
    • Accommodation utilities cost in Hua Hin (1,000 baht utilities stipend provided per 4 weeks)


  • Program Breakdown & Dates

    The Teach Adventure Thailand program is broken down into section that will allow you to be prepared for the challenges of organizing and running an English camp in Thailand.

    Pre-Arrival Training

    Before arriving in Thailand, you will receive login details for the online 60 Hour volunteer focused TEFL course. This course is designed to encourage you to be creative when planning English camps and to get a better understanding of TESOL methodologies. 

    Orientation Week-Week One

    The first week of the program offers an incredible, interactive orientation focused on Thai culture and language, providing a valuable opportunity to bond with fellow counselors and staff members. Held in Hua Hin, this orientation encompasses immersive experiences in Thai language, culture, and society, led by expert instructors. Participants will also enjoy a series of engaging cultural excursions, including:

    Hua Hin Excursions

    • Thai Cooking Classes: Counselors will have the chance to try their hand at preparing some of Thailand’s most famous dishes, guided by local staff. This experience encourages participants to sample foods they might not otherwise try.
    • Visiting Rescue P.A.W.S: This excursion involves a visit to Rescue Paws, where counselors will receive an educational talk about the challenges faced by street dogs in Thailand and learn about Rescue Paws’ efforts to improve their lives through sterilization programs. Participants will also take some of the resident dogs for a beach walk and engage in discussions with staff and volunteers about the volunteer program and Rescue Paws’ initiatives.
    • Muay Thai Lesson: Participants will learn about the rich history of Muay Thai and receive a training session from a qualified instructor.
    • Visit to Local Buddhist Temple: Counselors will explore a local Buddhist temple, gaining insights into Thai religion and receiving a blessing from a Thai monk.
    • Beach BBQ: Enjoy a delightful beach barbecue, soaking in the serene coastal ambiance.
    • Tour of a Local Fresh Food Market: Counselors will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired Thai language skills as they navigate a local fresh food market to gather ingredients for the Thai cooking class. This hands-on task serves to build confidence in using Thai language in real-life situations.

    English Camps-Week Two to Four

    After completing training, it’s time to put your skills into action! Counselors will collaborate to plan and execute engaging English camps for students of various ages, typically spanning one or two days. These camps offer a dynamic learning environment and may take place in different regions of Thailand, allowing counselors to explore while making a difference.

    Types of English Camps

    English camps come in diverse formats tailored to meet the needs of students:

    • Classroom Camps: These camps are the most common and are held in schools with students of different ages. Counselors lead interactive English sessions filled with fun and educational activities, often requiring team-teaching with multiple counselors per classroom.
    • Mass Production Camps: Designed for large groups of students, mass production camps involve completing the same tasks either individually or in groups. Counselors organize activities that engage students in fun and educational tasks, overseeing group activities and ensuring everyone stays on track.
    • Focus Station Camps: In focus station camps, large student groups are divided into smaller teams to tackle various tasks, activities, or games at different stations. Each station offers a unique learning experience, with sessions typically ranging from 10 to 60 minutes before rotating to a new activity. This format encourages active participation and allows students to explore different topics and language skills.

    These camp types are carefully designed to create optimal learning environments for both counselors and students. As you lead these camps, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your leadership, organizational, and creative skills while providing students with a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Let’s make a difference together at Adventure Camp Thailand!


    Program Start Dates

    April 29, 2024

    May 27, 2024

    June 24, 2024

    July 22, 2024

    August 19, 2024

    October 28, 2024

    November 25, 2024

    December 30, 2024

    January 6, 2025

    February 3, 2025

    March 3, 2025

    April 28, 2025

    May 26, 2025

    June 23, 2025

    July 21, 2025

    August 18, 2025

    October 27, 2025

    We recommend applying at least 2 months before your desired departure date.


  • Locations and Accommodations

    Accommodation in Hua Hin

    There are a variety of accommodations in Hua Hin. Accommodations are new and modern and at a minimum the rooms will have air con, Wi-Fi, TV, and be conveniently located with respect to the TESOL school and Hua Hin town center. 

    English Camp Locations

    Throughout the program, English camp teachers will have the exciting opportunity to travel to various regions of Thailand to participate in English camps for students of all ages. These camps are held in different areas across Thailand and may vary each month. The infographic below illustrates the locations that counselors visited in 2019. Additionally, counselors have also spent time in Southern Thailand. When traveling to regions to conduct English camps, counselors will stay in local accommodations, which, at a minimum, will be shared rooms with fan.     


  • Why Greenheart Travel?

    There are advantages of applying for this program through us:

    • 30+ years of experience with cultural exchange programs
    • Friendly, responsive, and professional support from your program manager, who has lived abroad in several countries!
    • We make our program fees as inclusive as possible. We include things like extensive medical insurance for the duration of the program, airport pickup, and extensive pre-departure and on-program support, so you’re not on your own for any part of your adventure
    • Our alumni recommend us! GoOverseas.com Reviews // GoAbroad.com Reviews
    • Exclusive access to the Greenheart Atlas, our interactive program that will guide you through your cultural immersion experience before, during, and after your program
    • Hands on support and personal attention every step of the way
    • 24/7 emergency phone number to reach a staff member at any time
    • Pre-departure “Culture Shock and Adjustment” Webinar before you leave
    • Discounts for future Greenheart Travel programs
    • We are a non-profit, mission based organization
    • Continued support throughout your program

    We also have some unique offerings to our Greenheart Travel participants and alumni!

    1. Greenheart Grants: Greenheart Grants are funds awarded to Greenheart Travel participants to use for community development projects in their host or home country. A Greenheart Grant is the opportunity to create, improve, or maintain an impactful, community-focused project abroad or at home. Grant funds could be applied to supporting women’s cooperatives, schools, community centers, or health clinics, for example. Grant winners will be featured on our website, social media, and blog. You can see our past winners on our blog here.
    2. Greenheart Alumni Program: We created the Greenheart Travel Alumni Program to provide resources and a community to support alumni in their advancement as global leaders, and a way to celebrate and reward our participants for being ambitious, inspiring catalysts of cultural exchange!
    3. Greenheart Global Leaders Conference: Each August Greenheart offers full ride scholarships to over 40 alumni to attend our annual conference in Washington, DC. Participants even get a chance to advocate for cultural exchange in a presentation to the US Department of State. You can see more about what GGLC is and what you could do at the conference here.

    Read more about why people are choosing Greenheart Travel: Why Choose Greenheart Travel? 


  • Application Process

    • Application Process

      1. Start Your Application HereYou will be sent more information as well as the link to our application portal to begin your formal application.

      2. Submit Basic Program Information: The first step in our application portal will be basic things like your chosen start date, etc.

      3. Submit your Application Fee: A $300 fee is required in order to apply for the program. This is subtracted from your total program fee. If we are unable to accept you following your interview (very unlikely!) we will refund your application fee in full.

      4. Complete Application & Documents: Provide more detailed information about yourself in Part 2 of the application. In this section, you’ll tell us more information like your work history, motivations for joining the program, travel history, and emergency contacts. You will also submit your documents (below) within your portal account.

      5. Video Interview: Once you have submitted your online application and paid your application fee, you will be asked to schedule a video interview with a Greenheart Travel representative.

      6. You’re Accepted! Woohoo! We are usually able to accept people within 1-2 weeks of their interviews.

      7. Commitment Payment: Once you are accepted to the program, you will need to submit a $300 commitment payment within 14 days to confirm your spot on the program. Once you submit your commitment payment you will unlock the acceptance portion of your portal, which includes things like pre-departure videos, travel and arrival information, the Greenheart Travel Atlas, and more.

      9. Book your flights, and get ready for your adventure to Australia! The rest of your balance is due 60 days before you leave.

      The above process can take as little as 1 week to complete, so it’s up to you how quickly you’re able to complete each step.


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