3 Reasons Why Telling Your Travel Story is Important

3 Reasons Why Telling Your Travel Story is Important

Whether it is travel blogging, giving a presentation or posting videos, it takes courage to share your story, but seizing those opportunities can create positive change in profound ways. Spreading awareness about important issues around the world make the most impact when they are told from a personal perspective, and our Greenheart Travel alumni are definitely not short on travel stories.

Here are 3 reasons why telling your story is important:

  1. We learn more from reflecting on our travel memories than from the experience alone.

It’s true! The time that lapses after returning home creates space for us to think about the past months and how we have changed. When looking back on our travel experience we can begin to understand the wisdom and skills we have gained from going abroad.

  1. Your stories promote the value of cultural exchange.

Inspire others to travel for a change by sharing your personal story. By having the courage to travel abroad, you have empowered others by setting an example for exploration. Traveling abroad is one of the most effective ways to foster peace and understanding, making the world of tomorrow a better place.

  1. Travel talk is fun!

Why are there so many travel shows, blogs and meet ups? Because adventures are exciting and so is trading stories of triumphs and humorous cultural mishaps! It might not always seem like it, but there are millions of people out there that think what you did is AWESOME and they want to hear about it.

By sharing your story of cultural exchange, you will bring your host country to life, as well as:

  • Relive your experiences abroad
  • Build resume skills and show off new leadership skills
  • Inspire others to think about the world in a new way

If you detest public speaking, we get you. However, we know that Greenheart Travel alumni have so much potential and can be incredibly brave. When you traveled alone, you demonstrated great leadership by taking a chance and trying something new.  Just like spending time in a foreign country, the benefits to getting outside your comfort zone are real.

To be inspired by your fellow alumni’s stories, check out these alumni videos!

What travel stories do you want to share with your community? Take the first step and share them in our comments section!

2 thoughts on "3 Reasons Why Telling Your Travel Story is Important"

  1. Judy Atkinson says:

    I’d like to share my Uganda suitcase nightmare story to help others and get a response from Brussels Airlines who haven’t answered my complaint.

    1. Chase Chisholm says:

      Sorry to hear this happened to you! Thank you for sharing this story. We hope you’re able to get in touch with the airline.

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