Congratulations to the new First Time Traveler Scholarship Winner- Milena Schembri

Congratulations to the new First Time Traveler Scholarship Winner- Milena Schembri

Part of Greenheart’s mission is to make travel accessible to everyone. Every year, we offer grants to those who are considered first time travelers and encourage them to fully immerse themselves in a culture whether it be through teaching, volunteering or working. In this latest round of scholarships, we’re proud to announce Milena Schembri as the winner!

Milena will be participating in the Teach Abroad in Thailand program. Milena spoke about her reasoning for applying for the First Time Traveler Scholarship.

I am motivated to contribute to the mission of this program because the mission statement “Travel for a Change” for me, encompasses the beautiful meaning that travel can transform a person on a deep level. By this I mean, it can shift personal perspectives, help to gain a deeper understanding of the world, allow inner transformations to take place, and inspire positive change in social circles. To embrace the mantra of “Travel for a Change” for me, is to approach life with an open mind and a compassionate heart, allowing the beautiful experiences to unravel before me. It inspires me to venture beyond my comfort zones, pushing me to confront the unfamiliar, and discover the strength and resilience that resides within me. I want to show myself and others that anyone can pursue their deepest heart desires, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal goals.

While living and travelling abroad I am also hoping to teach English to young children. I have a passion for teaching and inspiring the youth. Their presence, curiosity, and joy for life inspire me to share my wisdom and love with them. I am currently an elementary school teacher in Canada, so I am excited to offer my professional practices to the schools in Thailand to promote positive change. Also, being able to bring what I learn back home can also inspire change in my future classrooms.


The Teach Abroad Thailand Program sets participants up with paid teaching positions and has monthly start dates.

To learn more about the program you can view the page here

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