Eating (and teaching) your way through Prague!

Eating (and teaching) your way through Prague!

You’re going to Prague for 4 weeks (and possibly staying longer on a job placement with the help of Greenheart Travel) and you’re excited to see the sights! You’ve figured out where you’re staying, gotten all your course books and materials and have paid all the fees. What’s left?

Navigating the culinary culture of course!

With your days full of TEFL training, the last thing you want to think about is what you’re going to go eat and where to get it. Prague is known for its distinct neighborhoods, all filled to the brim with bars and restaurants and to help, we’ve compiled a list of the most common dishes that you should try while living abroad!


This traditional dish is for the meat lovers out there! The Czech style of this dish is a thick, stew like dish served with dumplings. This will easily be on any menu you encounter and will fill you up!


Grilled Sausages

Grilled Sausages or grilovane klobasy is just what you’d expect, a grilled sausage on a bread roll. This fast dish can be found in food stalls and restaurants alike. Think of it as the on-the-go food! Be sure to try all the sauces available too!


Dumplings can be found in a number of Czech dishes (please refer back to goulash). It’s the carb of the dish and is perfect for any dipping necessities! You can also find sweet dumplings paired with jams in some eateries! Either way, anything it’s paired with is delicious.



No meal is complete without dessert and for that, look no further than trdelnik! You can find these fried dough cakes served with ice cream and other various toppings in restaurants or in food stalls on the street.

So now you know, in those off hours when you’re not earning your TEFL certification, you can wander down the street and indulge just like the locals do!

Happy Traveling!

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