Preparing to go to Italy? Here are 5 Language & Culture Resources!

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Students who choose to go to Italy for High School Abroad get the full immersive experience into the Italian language and culture. From the host families to the Italian high school classes, students get the opportunity to learn and practice Italian first-hand.  

Italy is one of the few high school abroad locations that does NOT require any previous language experience – complete beginners welcome! But of course, you’re going to want to learn Italian! 

Apps for learning Italian 

Recently, one of our current students in Italy, Dawson, provided this helpful list of mobile apps for students to learn and practice Italian before departing and while on-program.  

  1. Learn Italian for Beginners  

This app has detailed explanations, including for verbs and pronunciation. It also has quizzes and mobile flashcards. 

  1. Learn Italian Quick Phrases
    This app is great for learning common Italian phrases and also includes quizzes and conversational help. 

  1. Learn Italian Beginners
    This simple app is helpful for learning verbs and objects. It also has some quizzes for listening and spelling. 
  1. edX: Courses by Harvard & MIT
    Learn Italian through free courses offered by renowned universities.  
  1. Europe Quiz: Flags & Capitals
    Although it doesn’t offer a language component, this app is helpful for you to learn about the countries surrounding you while in Italy! As part of a cultural exchange, it’s helpful to know not just about Italy but other European countries.  

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We encourage all of our students to take initiative in their own learning, and these apps are a great place to start. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but we hope it will be helpful for you to start your Italian language journey. If you have any other recommendations to practice your Italian, feel free to drop them in the comments! 

Not ready for a full year abroad?  Try a 1-4 week Language Camp in Italy 

If you’re not ready to do the full high school abroad experience yet, or just want a taste of Italy (literally and figuratively!), you can also check out Greenheart Travel’s Teen Summer Language Camp in Italy! This is a great opportunity to live with a host family and study Italian for 1-4 weeks in Florence, Italy.  

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