Three Reasons to Embark on the 7-Week Summer Teach Program in Thailand

Three Reasons to Embark on the 7-Week Summer Teach Program in Thailand

Wanting to go abroad this summer? Have teaching experience? Looking for a way to make an impact of the lives of students, explore a new place, make new friends, and earn some money? Look no further than Greenheart Travel’s 7-Week Summer Program in Thailand!

Our paid, short-term teaching program in Thailand is unlike other Teach Abroad programs.

Here are three reasons why the Greenheart Travel Summer Teach in Thailand program is a great teaching option:

  1. One of the Only Short-term Paid Teaching Opportunities. It is a rarity in Teach Abroad programs to see a salaried short-term teaching position. There are more opportunities to volunteer teach, but few to be an actual professional (salaried) teacher. If you can’t decide whether to work this summer or to travel, this is the chance to do both.
  2. Life-changing Experience and Resume Builder. Thailand offers a life-changing experience. There’s something about the confluence of school environment, openness of the people, and cultural richness that combine to make Thailand a one-of-a-kind experience. Summer teachers can have this experience without having to stay a full semester or year. Their role as salaried teachers, along with all the soft skills they’ll develop, will also make their resumes truly stand out!
  3. Greenheart Travel’s Lifetime Placement Guarantee. All participants receive Greenheart Travel’s lifetime placement guarantee in every country that we have programs in. This is a great value for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time at the moment but may want a more extended program in the future when they have more time.

Sounds great, right?

Check out our Summer start dates and get your application in!  SUMMER is coming!



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