A Typical Day at School in Austria

A Typical Day at School in Austria

My weekly schedule:

6:25: Wake up. Hit snooze

6:30: Hit snooze again…

6:35: Get out of bed, get dressed

6:45:  Say “Guten Morgen” J

6:46: Eat breakfast and drink tea with Evelyn and Tim

7:15: Leave for school  (I take 2 public busses to get there)

7:50: Arrive at school

7:52: Buy a delicious, hot mélange (which is similar to a cappuccino) from vending machine for 50 cents… they don’t have this in NY!

8:00-8:50: First class

8:55-9:45: Second class

9:45-10: Eat snack, talk to friends, etc…

10-10:50: Third class

10:55-12: 45:  Fourth class

12:55-13:45: Fifth class

13:50-14:30 Sixth class

13:00 or 14:00: Leave school

During class, I follow along as best I can… I always have my English-German dictionary with meJ French class is an interesting experience—sometimes I’ll be reading French, hearing the German translation and thinking the English translation. The way my schedule has worked out, I’ve actually only had one English class so far, but of course, I enjoyed that as well. Since I’m interested in education policy, it’s been really interesting for me to observe a foreign education system first hand.

After school, I might head home (and maybe take a nap!), go shopping on Mariahilferstrasse, or head somewhere else! Every week, I have a bass lesson, orchestra rehearsal at school, German class in the evening, circus practice, and sometimes a rehearsal with a trio I’m playing in with a friend from school. And of course, I’m also busy practicing. So far, no two days have been even close to the same—and I love it!

Here are a few photos of my adventures in Austria the past few weeks:

2013-02-18 14.46.30

Ice skating with my host mom, Eva.

2013-02-11 16.10.27

Me talking with Teresa, my host sister, at Margite’s birthday party.

2013-02-11 14.10.26

My extended host family.

2013-02-11 14.10.02

Another picture of my extended host family.

2013-02-11 13.53.53

My host cousins and I decorating the birthday cake.

4 thoughts on "A Typical Day at School in Austria"

  1. Ivar Pettersson says:

    Hello, I am using this as a source for an assignment about the austrian school system, and I wonder when they eat lunch? Is it after the third lession or when is it?

  2. Sawsan says:

    Hello, I’m thinking of writing a novel set in Austria. My Knowledge is quite narrow. I would love it if you could tell me some things that you often see in Austria in terms of culture, social life, and landmarks so I can display Austria in an accurate and realistic way. Researching in form of facts is quite different from a person’s point of view so your insight would be appreciated immensely.

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