7 Reasons Why You Need to Study Abroad in France

Greenheart Traveler Ian pictured with friends in France.

The benefits of studying abroad are fruitful and I discover on a weekly basis things that have made my experience truly unforgettable. Whether you are already interested in studying abroad or not, I’d like to present seven key factors of why studying abroad in France is something you should not pass up if you have the opportunity to.

Here are 7 Life-Changing Benefits to Studying Abroad in France:

1. You create international friendships.

This reason covers a lot, and that’s definitely something I didn’t think about before arriving in France. If you study abroad you will not only have the opportunity to make friends with people from France, but all over the world.

I was able to meet people at the orientation week, as well as the students in my region who have the same coordinator, all coming from places such as Hungary, Australia, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, to name a few.

Beyond that, I have also made amazing friends with people that go to my school in my host town. These friendships have helped me grow and see the world from a different perspective, and it’s just cool to say you have friends all over the world.

French architecture of buildings on a street and a book and paper shop.

French buildings on a street | © Ian Taraszewski

2. You cultivate an open mind.

Upon studying abroad, I’ve been able to learn about a completely new way of thinking. We live our lives at home without ever really thinking about what it’s like to have a different outlook on the world, and study abroad has helped me do exactly that.

It seems like a simple idea, but I really do find myself considering the fact that there are so many different people, cultures, and ideas out there other than our own. It’s important to keep that in mind.

A French market on the street with fresh fruits and vegetables.

French market with fresh produce | © Ian Taraszewski

3. You become bilingual.

This is a pretty obvious one but maybe the most rewarding. To study French for so long and then be able to say that you can understand the language at a normal rate of speech and even reply and have a conversation is a really amazing feeling.

It’s something not many people can say, and furthermore, can be extremely valuable later in life if you decide you want to work for a French company. You also have the plus of understanding actual native French. Of course you can study from a textbook for as long as you want, but nothing really provides you with the knowledge of slang or correct phonetics like studying abroad.

Le Mont Saint-Michel next in Normandy, France on a cloudy day.

Le Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France | © Ian Taraszewski

4. You gain new experiences.

If anything makes you decide to study abroad, it should be this. How many other times in your life will you be able to say you ate crepes in Paris with your friends from all different parts of the world, that you lived with a French family, or that you went to the ciné with your French classmates?

Of course you’ll have trying situations as well, like really awkward conversations or forgetting how to say toothpaste. But ultimately, all the experiences that you have while studying abroad will make you more mature, independent, and give you amazing memories that you’ll never forget.

The Eiffel Tower peaking over Parisian streets with the afternoon sun pearing through.

The Eiffel Tower over Paris streets | © Ian Taraszewski

5. You feel more independent.

Tying into the last aspect, another reason why you should study abroad is the gained sense of independence. You will have a host family  willing to help you. But, when things like homesickness hit, or you have a conversation for five minutes and don’t understand a thing, it can be easy to feel alone or like you’ll never be able to really understand French. After experiencing things like this, I’ve improved and felt so much more independent and confident in facing any problem.

Ian standing in a French cathedral with the sun pearing through the windows.

Ian in a French cathedral | © Ian Taraszewski

6. You get a unique perspective of a different culture.

Even if you travel to a different country on vacation, you can’t quite get the true feeling of what the culture is like unless you’re completely immersed in it. While living with a French family you will become familiar with a native’s opinions on French news, the best authentic foods to eat, and all the specialties of the region in which you live.

Ian and his host family in France enjoying a meal and wine together.

Ian and his host family in France | © Ian Taraszewski

7. You taste delicious food.

Continuing the idea of pure authenticity, you can really only try the real thing if you go there. Studying abroad in France will allow you to not only have amazing crepes or baguettes, but also try all the delectable dishes special to each region, or the handmade pastries that you’ll find only in the Boulangeries.

A croissant, espresso, and receipt in a French cafe.

A croissant and espresso from a French café | © Ian Taraszewski


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