Au Revoir!

Coming to you live from the Newark airport.

Wait… What? It’s August 26th? I’m about to go to another country to live with strangers and go to a new school spoken in a foreign language? And stay there until January? For the past 6 months of preparation it hasn’t felt real until today. After hours of applying, thousands spent, complications in the visa process, and pretty much an entire summer away from home before this, I didn’t really accept I was getting on a plane to go on this adventure until I was hugging my friends and family goodbye. It’s been an emotional day for sure, but I’m trying to be brave and remember what an incredible opportunity and journey this will be! The first 4 days will be an intro week in Paris; touring museums, shopping on the Champs-Élysées, and yummy French café meals. Then I will take a train to Lyon to meet my host family to head to Le Puy En Velay !!

I’m really excited, scared, happy, sad, and a bit overwhelmed with the whole “I have no idea what Im doing or how any of this will work” but I am just going to try and trust the process.

See you in Paris!

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