This week I have been emailing back and forth with my host sister, Thuy! She is 17 and will also be a senior next year. I am really looking forward to automatically having a friend and someone who can help me meet people! She likes to do jazz and modern dance, and I will probably join that with her to keep myself busy and to meet new people. She also said there is a big medieval festival in September in her town, and you can walk everywhere–So fun! She says there is a big cinema and she and her friend go to a night club I think–she was writing in English and it was a bit confusing as to what she was saying. And she loves shopping (yayayay)

I think talking to her is really helping calm my nerves and be more positive about leaving…I guess it makes it easier knowing we will be able to be friends and get along. It also seems like she likes to practice English because she almost only writes to me in English-she even sent me a school project of hers to ask if i can correct her English! I am excited that im forming a bond with her and I hope we become really close:)

The school days are from 8am-6pm!! This will be veerrry interesting to see what such a long day is like, but there is a long break in the middle of the day.

The family is catholic but only attends major festivals, but I think Catholicism is very interesting and I would be 100% open to attending weekly services-especially in a medieval and historically catholic french village!

I also received more pictures and info on the family and the town…I am getting really excited! I think I needed to have some more confirmation and comfort to really calm my nerves and worries-and I am feeling much better now and I am so excited to meet ma famille!

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