Give the Gift of Travel to Your Child

Give the Gift of Travel to Your Child

We believe experiences are better than things.

This holiday season, instead of giving material items to the people we love most, give the chance to make memories that will shape the rest of their lives. 

Traveling has a profound impact on individuals.  They will have their perspectives challenged, learn to live alongside different cultures, and grow as an independent human. Language camps are the perfect travel gifts to give teens because of the flexible start dates, individual support, and overall structure of the programs.

So what are the next steps in order for this idea to become a reality? Take a look below at our no-frills guide to gifting a Greenheart experience.

Choose a Destination

You can check out this list of our destinations and their details. Choosing a country based on the language your child is learning in school is a good place to start.  Don’t stress too much; if this doesn’t work for your child later, we will adjust the destination. 

Start the Application Process

 Filling out the initial application will only take you 2-3 minutes. If this is a surprise, DO NOT put your kid’s email.  Please also include the word “Gift” somewhere in their name so we’re in on the secret.

Read and Sign the Terms and Conditions

This is your opportunity to read through details thoroughly. The adult gift-giver must sign the terms and conditions (your child will sign later, but for now this just needs to be you). 

Secure Your Spot

Reserve your spot via an initial deposit. This is not an extra fee, it is part of the total program fee and can be applied to a different program if you decide the one you’re gifting isn’t really the right destination after all. You must submit your deposit a minimum of 10 business days prior to when your child will open their surprise to receive your package on time! 

Receive Your Gift Package

We’ll put a special package in the mail that your child can open on your chosen day of gifting. They’ll receive a Greenheart Travel T-Shirt, Canvas Bag, and a special announcement that lets them know they’re about to embark on a trip of a lifetime!  Note, this is only available for US residents. 


Give your gift! Discuss the details and talk about what’s to come.

Finish the Application

Once your child has opened their surprise, we’ll send you the last steps of the application to be completed. This will include things like medical history, host family preferences, and other details your child will get to provide. 

Final Details

Go through the Pre-Departure process with your Greenheart Travel program manager! We understand that gifting something like this is a big deal, so we are here for you! Please reach out to the program manager at any time to clarify questions/doubts/concerns you might have. 

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