Abandoned at school.

Abandoned at school.

Today the school will go on field trips, but Maysa teacher you will stay on campus.


My sixth graders are having an over night trip to Seoul, while the rest of the students grade 1-5 are having a field trip to Daegu. My co-teacher had asked if it was okay if I was one of the chaperons for the 6th graders trip to Seoul but the school didn’t want to pay for the overtime and the extra stuff for me, so that’s a no. My co-teacher didn’t even think to ask if I could go on the trip to Daegu, but it’s alright. I’ll be all alone on campus today. There’s maybe 3 staff members on campus? haha, surprise.

So, I’ll use this blog to do yet another update of the past few weeks/days (mainly days cause I can’t remember that far, sorry).

I have volleyball practice  with the staff every single day. I feel bad when I tell then I have to leave early or I can’t come because I have to lesson plan, I have after-school classes or I have to walk home (by the way I’ll tell  you about my walk home if I haven’t yet). I’m normally on campus until 5-5:30ish depending on how long we practice for. I’m suppose to be one campus only until 4:30. But volleyball is an extra activity that I signed up for so it’s on my “own” time, not school time.  The staff rearranged the volleyball schedule so that I’d be able to practice with them. That’s why I feel bad. Even though I’m sick or hurt I still try to go.  They even cancelled or re-scheduled a game with another school because I have after school classes that day, so that I’d be able to go and play with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the staff. It’s allowed me to get to know and get along with the staff better and more quickly I think than if I didn’t play. I just have a lot to do some days.

Oh and I hurt my finger pretty bad yesterday. The nurse isn’t here so she can take a look at it for me so that’s a dead end. I promised my friends that I wouldn’t play today, but knowing me I’m still gonna go. Sorry guys.

Teaching is getting easier. I understand a little more what I’m suppose to do and how I’m suppose to do it. I understand how both my co-teachers like to run their classrooms and I get what they expect from me. I know that I’m not perfect. I’ve never been a teacher before, I’ve never stood in front of a group of students teaching them in a language they barely know. Sometimes their blank stares are a little un-encouraging. A lot of the times they just say yes or okay but they really don’t have a clue of what I’m saying to them. But I’m getting better. That’s all that matters.

I’m sick again? So I was sick for sure about a week ago. I was coughing, sneezing, I was tired, you know all that great stuff. But right now, it feels more like allergies, than being sick.  Oh man I think it’s the BEAUTIFUL cherry blossoms.  I’m always sniffing my nose. I’m pretty sure it’s from the pollen. But omgosh it’s different. You don’t get to experience walking home with this kind of sight in LA. Flowers don’t bloom like they do here. Leaves don’t change colors. I don’t ever remember seeing it in LA.

I think this is good for now. 🙂

more next time pinky promise



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