Second Weekend In Seoul.

Second Weekend In Seoul.

***THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS POST is actually the dog cafe, which you can see on the video was so much fun. The rest of it is just a wordy explanation (read: boring) of my second weekend here. I now have a place to go when I feel lonely and missing home and my dogs, which is Bau House, a dog cafe. I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but I’d love to visit a cat cafe sometime. It’s just, I love dogs more. And being able to be around so many different kinds of dogs is nice. They don’t love me much there, though. My favorite was a tiny dog, which I named Max because I couldn’t find him on the dog card thing. Anyway, he was so tiny and didn’t like me at first. But when Maria and I came back from the big room full of bigger dogs, he ran up to us and just sat with us…until some other girls caught his attention. Whatever.

Anyway, if you’re interested, Bau House is located right off Hapjeong Station, exit 3. It’s easy to find, too. Just get out at Exit 3, turn around, turn left at the small alleyway, and you’ve found it.

2013-09-07 19.02.59
Max, the friend I just named.
2013-09-07 19.14.17 HDR
I guess he was tired of playing with so many humans.

2013-09-07 19.16.47 HDR
Doggies everywhere!

2013-09-07 19.16.52
Max is a fighter. lol

2013-09-07 19.22.49 HDR
This isn’t a husky. I think it’s another kind of dog. Alaskan something.

2013-09-07 19.33.31 HDR
This guy had a lot of love because he had treats. See all the dogs surrounding him? Because of FOOD.

2013-09-07 19.37.50 HDR
This greyhound was tired too.

2013-09-07 19.41.01 HDR
So precious <span class='wp-smiley emoji emoji-heart' title='<3

2013-09-07 19.41.13
This dog actually belonged to someone. You can bring your own dog to play with the rest of them.

2013-09-07 19.54.35 HDR
Mouse doggie <span class='wp-smiley emoji emoji-heart' title='<3

So, my second weekend in Seoul started on Thursday, when Maria and I went to grab dinner at Konkuk University area. We walked around the area for a little bit because a) we didn’t know where to go and b) we didn’t know how our ability to order food and how great it was. But we settled on a KBBQ place and had a small dinner. Then, we walked around the area to look for more places to go and see. I bought a new phone case with a card holder for my T-Money card (in mint!) and we found a ddukboki place and ordered some, which we proceeded to eat at a Burger King because we didn’t know where else to go and sit. Lol. The funniest thing we saw, though, was walking passed a guy who (I didn’t even see this) had an ice cream cone in his hand, screamed, “EEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXCAAAAAAALIIIIIBURRRRRRR!”, and slammed said ice cream cone on the ground. I didn’t know that he had the ice cream cone, until Maria mentioned it and we saw it walking back in that same direction. This was also the night I almost missed my train back home (the last train!), but made it in time because I ran to where I needed to be!

Friday came and all the EPIK people were super excited to see each other at our EPIK reunion party in Gangnam.  Also, it was nice seeing everyone again. And in a place where we got to really be ourselves and not on watch because we were at orientation. Lol. We got moved out of our club to a bigger one. But since EPIK didn’t reserve that place, there were a mix of locals and us EPIK people. Then, my friends and I split and went to look for another club to go to in Gangnam. We didn’t end up clubbing at all, but we did find Noise Basement, which is the most popular club I heard of.  We just ended up eating at a lot of places, drinking a little more, and then heading to the subway at 4:30am or so to wait for the subways to start working again to get home. Hate to admit, but I fell asleep at the subway – I was so tired.

I was so tired, Mona and I crashed at Maria’s for like two hours. Maria was kind of enough to show me where to buy a drying rack in her community and so I did – and lugged it all the way back to Anam-dong, a full hour away from Maria’s. Three subway lines, two station transfers, and a lot of Koreans looking at the waygook with a drying rack weird. But that’s okay because I finally have a drying rack! I’m also thankful for Hanna, who let me borrow her drying rack, which made drying stuff easier.

After a whole day of laundry, Maria and I went back to Hongdae, which, you will see in my video was to visit a dog cafe. But we also got to walk around Hongdae comfortably, i.e. with flat shoes. We also had some street food, bubble drinks, and went to Teddy’s cafe, Twosome Studio.  (Teddy is a producer and a former rapper from YG, so you can understand my excitement.) On the bottom are some pictures.

Today was just chore day, so it was a lot of cleaning my apartment. I also did some working out, which has been hard since I haven’t been doing it for the past three weeks. Anyway, gonna go to a church later with Priscilla, Anna, and Jo, and whoever else is going.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

2013-09-07 21.23.36
Maria and I, street-fooding. She bought that hat in Hongdae. Effing Hongdae. Lol
2013-09-07 21.40.17
I found a place in Hongdae that was a Hawaiian restaurant. I gotta check it out next time. But they did sell stuff like ahi, kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon. Ughhhh I can’t wait to eat there.

2013-09-07 22.00.04
Teddy’s cafe, Twosome Studio. It was nice inside and the food was good, but really expensive. But hey, it’s Teddy.

2013-09-07 21.59.54

2013-09-07 22.21.33
Ohhhh, Teddy’s studio.
2013-09-07 22.12.14
Maria and I got a macaron and sangria. Perfect.

2013-09-07 22.01.25
Some merchandise signed by some YG artists. I don’t think he sells those ones, but other merch, like the mugs and stuff are on sale.

2013-09-07 22.19.50 2013-09-07 22.19.43
These pictures right here are of Mina Kwon’s art. She’s an artist who’s friends with most of YG, so Teddy dedicated this floor as an art gallery of her work.

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