On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

To say a lot has happened in the last week would be a gross understatement. Here’s a quick recap: I finished my TESOL program through XploreAsia last Thursday; I also got a job here in Hua Hin job last Thursday as well. On Friday I packed and looked for an apartment. Saturday I moved in. Sunday I can’t remember what I did. Monday was my first day of work! I’m teaching pre-k at an international school in Hua Hin, which I’m happy about because I really do like it here and wasn’t really ready to leave just yet. My apartment is nothing special, it has Wi-Fi and A.C. it also has a pretty sweet view, so I can’t complain. In my apartment complex there are two other girls that teach at the school who live here, Heather and Erica, they’re great. Heather also did the XploreAsia program, but she did the month before me. The school is really nice and I love everyone I work with, the other part I love is that it has uniforms for the teachers, which makes getting dressed easier in the morning, considering I have to be at work by 7:30 (not really a morning person). I don’t have students yet because most schools give students the month of October off. Class won’t start until October 28, which means I’m spending two weeks planning and getting my class together and the rest of time will be dedicated to travelling. Bottom line: Life is good here; I’m happy and that’s that really matters right?


P.S. Below I attached a few pictures from my apartment and of school xx





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