Packing. Is. The. Worst.

Packing. Is. The. Worst.

So, you’ve decided to move to Thailand?! Great… now it’s time to pack. Obviously you should pack, lightweight clothes, a bathing suit, and work clothes, but what about the other random things. After recent questions I decided I would list the things I wish I knew to bring when I moved to Thailand….


·      Stick deodorant (they have deodorant here, but it usually has whitening in it and isn’t what I prefer, it’s usually very creamy or an aerosol.)

·      BRA’S (If you have boobs that are larger than B, I would suggest bringing extra bras. Thai women are quite slim and don’t typically have larger boobs, so they don’t typically sell larger bra’s and underwear for that matter.)

·      Sunscreen (It is hot and sunny here almost 24/7 and sunscreen is a must, it is also crazy expensive here for a small bottle and once again it normally has whitening in it.)

·      Towels (Or at least one towel, it’s cheaper to one bring from home and they’ll be much nicer quality than anything you will find here)

·      Vitamins / Medicine (You can definitely find these here, but sometimes it’s nice buying the brand you know you like, because what you find here, it’s usually not the same as you would get at home. Also some people are really into hand sanitizer, so if that is something you’re into, you definitely should bring it with you; it does exist here, but it’s not popular and it comes in small amounts and can be a bit pricey.)

·      Shoes (Same with the bra’s Thai people are small, so unless you have small feet you’ll struggle to find things that fit you, and if they do fit chances are they won’t be attractive.)

·      SCHOOL SUPPLIES (i.e. posters, white board markers, pens, pencils, STICKERS, flash cards, etc. anything and everything you might want or need, it is hard to come by decent teaching supplies, just go by the Dollar Store and stock up, it is your cheapest and most hassle free option.)


Here are also a few things that are actually easier to buy here….


·      Hair styling tools (i.e. straighteners, curlers, etc. they are decently cheap and then they will be the right voltage and have the plug.)

·      Peanut Butter (If you’re like me you travel with peanut butter, because it tastes good with everything and is magical, thankfully they do sell Jiff peanut butter here #blessed)

·      Books (I NEVER travel without a book, so you might want to bring a few of your favorites, but Asia Books is a decent commercial bookshop, where you can get most of the popular books.)

·      Beauty Products (You can find all kinds of make-up, nail polish, perfume, make-up remover etc. The only caveat is that some face make-up has whitening in it so you just have to check. Other than that though there is make-up sold e v e r y w h e r e.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask away!


Happy Monday x

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