Greenheart’s First Time Traveler Scholarship Winners for Spring 2024!

Greenheart’s First Time Traveler Scholarship Winners for Spring 2024!

Every year, Greenheart makes scholarships available to First Time Travelers. These scholarships are intended for those who have never traveled out of the country and want to immerse themselves in another culture. Here are just some of the winners of the 2024 First Time Traveler Scholarships and their thoughts on travel!



Name: Clara

Program: High School Abroad in Sweden

Why is the opportunity to travel for the first time exciting for you?

 It opens a whole new world of experiences and opportunities, immersing myself in different cultures, trying new foods, exploring breathtaking landscapes, and meeting people from all walks of life. I’m getting a chance to break free from familiar everyday life and embrace the unknown. I’m excited to be in the shoes of a Swedish teenager and experience everything that comes with it. I’m hoping to be able to explore and soak up everything around me.


Name: Alana

Program: Teen Language Camp in Japan

What does Greenheart Travel’s Mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

“Travel for a Change” to me, means the opportunity of becoming more aware of other places and cultures in the world. It signifies the internal change that one will go through while experiencing all these ways of living life that are unlike our own. With the opportunity of traveling and visiting new places, you will learn new cultures, food, fashion, languages, and more. While you travel and come across all these experiences, you will gain a broader understanding of the world. The places you visited will leave an imprint on who you are and who you will become as a person therefore, changing you from who you used to be into someone with more comprehension of cultures and lifestyles.


Name: Naomi

Program: High School Abroad in Argentina

What does Greenheart Travel’s mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

To me, “Travel for a Change” means that travel breaks down barriers and prejudices between the traveler and those being visited. Furthermore, travel also builds bridges in the places of those barriers and prejudices. These changes that occur while traveling ultimately allow our world to be a more loving, accepting, and connected environment. As people begin to be more accepting of other cultures through travel, the world becomes a better place.


Name: Sadie

Program: High School Abroad in Italy

What does Greenheart Travel’s Mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

To me, traveling for a change also means you evolve who you are as a person and your perspective on what may be considered ‘normal’ because it provides the opportunity to see how others live! That’s why I want to actually live with a family in Italy. To live and invest in relationships with others around the world is a truly rewarding experience. Travel also forces you to grow as a person by stepping outside of your comfort zone, learning to handle responsibility, navigating different forms of transportation, learning about different currencies, language and relating to others with different backgrounds and traditions. I think travel has the capacity to help teens like me grow and gain so many more tools than what may be possible without the experience of travel.


Name: Madeleine

Program: High School Abroad in Ireland

Why is the opportunity to travel for the first time exciting for you?

 Ever since I was young, my main goal has been to see the world. I’ve always recognized that there is much more to explore beyond my backyard. From the gorgeous hills of Ireland to the seaside cities in Greece so many call home, there are countless people to meet and endless astounding views. To not only get to travel outside of America for an extended period of time but to also be fully immersed in the day-to-day experience of the citizens there, is a first-time, life-changing experience. I am excited to connect to new people and to be able to return to the United States with a new outlook on my life!


Name: Kennedi-Grace 

Program: Teen Language Camp South Korea

What does Greenheart Travel’s Mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

“Travel for a Change” implies traveling with the intention of being a forever learner. To learn how to make a change in your community by learning the values of the different cultures around the world. To make a difference in the communities we are a part of, we need to be able to see ourselves from a different perspective. To learn what it means to be a community and learning to come together despite our differences.


Name: Zev

Program: Teen Language Camp Spain

What does Greenheart Travel’s Mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

For me, travel symbolizes more than just visiting new destinations; it’s a transformative odyssey that promises to shape my worldview, enrich my understanding of diverse cultures, and foster a profound sense of empathy and connection with the world. Stepping beyond the borders of familiarity, I anticipate encountering unfamiliar landscapes, immersing myself in vibrant cultures, and forging meaningful connections with people from all walks of life.


Name: Anna 

Program: Teach Abroad Thailand

What does Greenheart Travel’s Mission, “Travel for a Change,” mean to you?

 “There is a famous quote that says, “The sky is the limit, but there are footprints on the moon.” Like the Greenheart mission, this saying means that we create our own limits. We are not constrained to one location, aspiration, or situation unless we force ourselves to do so. Traveling can be intimidating, but it can also be the most rewarding accomplishment of a lifetime if we allow ourselves to have it. We are the creators of our own destinies, so only we have the power to step outside of the boxes in which we confine ourselves.”


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