Orientation week for Teach Abroad Vietnam

Orientation week for Teach Abroad Vietnam

When potential travelers get in touch with us to talk about our Greenheart Travel Teach Abroad programs, we love telling them about orientation week and what they’ll be doing upon arrival.  It’s reassuring to know they have some time to get to know the culture, figure out how to shop in the markets, and get to know others on the program.

Here’s a bit about a recent Teach Abroad orientation week in Vietnam!

As soon as the group arrived in Ho Chi Minh City the participants started to explore the city and began bonding together. They were active participants in our classroom sessions, always asking questions in things like the culture and history sessions and Diversity and Inclusivity seminar,and they really enjoyed the Vietnamese classes.

Not only were our in-class sessions helpful for the participants in their transition to Vietnam, but the excursions outside the classroom were beneficial and fun! They visited the Cu Chi Tunnels and took part in a Vietnamese cooking class. They also visited a local temple in Ho Chi Minh City to learn more about Buddhism and religion in Vietnam. Finally, at the end of the week, the participants took part in a scavenger hunt in local markets, using only their new Vietnamese language skills to find the necessary items. This is always fun and helps to encourage them out of their comfort zone while getting practical experience with the Vietnamese language and the locals.

 Throughout the week, and during the many excursions, the Teachers were able to learn more about Vietnam and about each other, and they have bonded in strong ways. One of the best parts about our orientation week is that it is an awesome space for the Teachers to settle into a new country while being able to do it with a cohort all sharing the same experiences. Life-long friendships come from this week, even when some of the participants head off to their placement school after orientation and some stay to complete the TESOL, they still reach out to each other to check in and meet up.

Thanks for sharing!  Read more and apply today for Teach Abroad in Vietnam!  

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