The 2019 Travel for a Change Awards

The 2019 Travel for a Change Awards

Last year, we compiled a list of the most popular travel rankings based on our data, which really piqued your interest!

So as 2019 comes to a close, we’re doing it all over again.  Buckle up, it’s time to present this year’s Travel for a Change Awards.

Fastest Growing Program: TESOL Course in South Korea

Multiple start dates for this program filled up so fast that we had to add more! Why is it so popular? Travelers receive job placement assistance so that they can stay and work in South Korea. In fact, almost everyone in the course has a job set up before they even begin.

Most Popular High School Abroad Destination: Spain

For the second year in a row, Spain takes the lead as the country where most teens studied abroad. It makes sense since Spanish is the most common second language for teens to study in US schools.

Most Popular Work Abroad Destination: New Zealand

New Zealand continues to draw the most people looking to work while backpacking. This program gives people the freedom to work for an income that goes towards exploring the country. This program is ideal for independent people who want to connect with other like-minded travelers.

Most Popular Teach English in a Homestay Destination: Spain

If you didn’t get the chance to study abroad in Spain during high school, you still have the opportunity to live with a Spanish host family. Instead of going to school, you’ll be tutoring the family in English for 15 hours a week.

Most Popular Volunteer Abroad Destination: Puerto Rico

The aftermath of natural disasters doesn’t just go away when news outlets stop talking about it. The impact of Hurricane Maria has had a long-term effect on Puerto Rico, something that locals are still grappling with every day.

Most Popular Teen Summer Language Camp Destination: Japan

Did you know we just started offering Language Camps in Japan during winter break!? No need to wait ’til summer!

Most Requested Program: Language Camp in South Korea

One of the questions we got over and over (and over) again from teens was if we offered a language camp in Korea. And you know what? We listened. That’s why we’re launching a summer Language Camp in South Korea for summer 2020!

Most Common Question: “Is it safe?”

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: There are “safe” and “unsafe” areas in every country. We would never offer a program in a place where we would be putting people in danger. Most travelers are shocked to hear that many country’s governments warn their citizens to use caution when traveling to the United States, such as New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, and China to name just a few.

College with the Most Greenheart Travelers: University of South Carolina and University of Colorado Boulder

High School with the Most Greenheart Travelers: Dimond HS in Anchorage, Alaska

Social Media All-Star: Shamira West @shamirawest

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My first full weekend in Fuzhou has been so much fun! I got to ride the train for the first time! It was so clean and you had to go through security just like in the airport! Bags must be scanned and you cant go into the train station with a bottle of water. Very interesting. I also went to the mall and went to the movies! Did you know that all their movies are shown in English with Chinese subtitles?? It was so cool!

A post shared by 我的名字是夏漫然 (@shamirawest) on

Shamira has been documenting her experience teaching English in Fuzhou, China through Instagram and YouTube! (If you haven’t already, go follow @greenheart_travel)

Most Popular Weekend Trip for High School Exchange Students:  Tie for Dublin and Sevilla

Most Popular Sport to Play Abroad: Soccer

If you are interested in one of these programs for 2020, submit your deposit ASAP because spots fill up fast!

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